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Dalian Huanqiu Minerals Co.,Ltd. is the company which discovered wollastonite in China earlier and has been engaged in export and deep processing business for many years. It is a wollastonite production, processing, export and R & D bases with a relatively large scale in China.
Today, Huanqiu has grown into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, integrating mining, processing, fine processing and sales.The company currently takes natural wollastonite, metallurgical materials and functional plastic masterbatches as the main line, while operating more than 30 kinds of mineral products such as brucite, talc, barite, mica, diatomite, zeolite and so on.
Wollastonite mineral fiber developed by Huanqiu is applied in polymers, which can significantly improve the properties of the product and has obvious economic benefits. The products are exported to many countries, and continuously occupy the top export share in Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea.
In 2015, Dalian Huanqiu Minerals Co.,Ltd. was successfully listed in the National SME share transfer system (Stock Code:833285), officially entered the capital market and started a new mode of development.


Mengxian, Zhang

Mengxian Zhang, senior engineer
Vice-president of CNMIA
President of Wollastonite Professional Committee of CNMIA
General manager of Dalian Huanqiu Minerals Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang has published several papers in journals such as " Non-metallic Minerals ", “China Non-metallic Minerals Industry”, “Non-ferrous Metals” and others, He has obtained more than 10 inventions patents, such as "Research on the processing technology of needle shaped wollastonite powder (short fiber reinforcing agent)", "Research on super-fine wollastonite powder", and many utility model patents, such as "Refining agent outside the furnace and its preparation method", "A composite mineral fiber and its preparation method".

In 1948, Mr. Zhang was born in Lishu County, Jilin Province.

In 1976, Mr. Zhang graduated from the department of mining of Northeast College (now Northeastern University).

In 1979, Mr. Zhang assumed the deputy chief of Dadingshan copper mine in Lishu County, Jilin Province, assistant engineer.

In 1980, Mr. Zhang discovered wollastonite in China firstly.

In 1982, Mr. Zhang led and participated in the formulation of industrial standards and testing methods for wollastonite.

In 1993, Mr. Zhang found Dalian Huanqiu Minerals Co., Ltd. and formed Chinese wollastonite committee serving as the chief of the association in the same year.

In 1998, Mr. Zhang was awarded as the model worker in Jilin Province.

In 2012, Mr. Zhang invested and established Dadingshan New Materials Co.,Ltd., starting to produce the synthetic wollastonite.

In 2017, Mr. Zhang led the R&D center to obtain "Non-metallic Mineral Industry Technology Center" in China.

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R & D Team

Since its establishment, Huanqiu has always been focusing on technical research. The R&D center has established three research departments, a testing center and a pilot plant.
The R&D staffs cover many fields such as geology, machinery, agriculture, environmental engineering and polymer. Our main application directions are functional materials, composite materials and environmental friendly materials.
Huanqiu has carried out extensive cooperation with scientific research institutions, such as China University of Geosciences, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Harbin Polytechnic University, Plastics Processing Industry Association and CNMIA, etc. to continuously deepen the application research of non-metallic functional minerals in many fields.


The R & D Center was awarded as the Technology R&D Institution of Development zone.


Huanqiu was awarded as the national high-tech enterprise.


The project of “Automotive Light Weight and Enviromental Friendly New Materials” won the second prize of Dalian technical invention.


The R&D center was awarded as "Dalian Non-metallic Mineral Functional Materials Engineering and Technology Center".


The project of R&D and Application of Functional Wollastonite Fiber won the first prize of non-metallic minerals technology invention in China, and the R&D team of functional materials was selected as Innovation Team Support Plan in key areas of Dalian .
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Company Events

Lishu company was founded as a state-owned mining enterprise for non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead and zinc.


Discovered wollastonite in China earlier and changed into mining and processing industrial minerals.


Export business started, Lishu company became the first wollastonite exporter in China.


Dalian wollastonite processing plant was officially established.


Dalian Huanqiu Minerals Co.,Ltd. was founded and elected as the president unit of China Wollastonite Association.


Huanqiu successively held
Dalian Sanhuan Minerals Co., Ltd.
Faku Fulapu wollastonite Co., Ltd.
Jilin Panshi Hulancuocao wollastonite Co., Ltd.,
Lishu Sanjin Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. , ect. , formed a collectivized scale management.


Huanqiu was relocated to Jinzhou New Area
and established R&D center.


Huanqiu was awarded as the national high-tech enterprise.


Huanqiu was quoted on the New Third Board and successfully entered the capital market with the stock code of 833285.


The R&D center of Huanqiu was awarded as
Technology Center of CNMIA.
Dalian Non-metallic Functional Mineral Materials Engineering and Technology Center.

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